What is the investment for Real-Estate is about.

Real-estate investment is the one of the investment style to earn income from invested properties.

If you want to increase your income and to avoid high risks, Real-estate Investment might be a solution.

Unlike stock investment, you cannot expect high return in short period of the time from Real-estate investment.
But house rent is relatively stable in Japan and you can expect long term stable income from it even the economy reduces.

The risks of the investment is easy to prospect and very limited. That is the reason why the Real-estate investment feels safe.
But the risks of investment are not ZERO! Of course. So it is very important to plan from the beginning until to sell, and how to manage the building while you own it.

Asset Partners staffs are able to council financing, Selecting properties, Insurance, Renovation, Building maintenance and Leasing management. We also advises selling strategy for our customers.

[ Lifetime Partner for Real-estate Investors ] is our motto.
We can also deputize Tax payment for those who lives in overseas countries.
Our staffs are able to speak English and/or Chinese to communicate smoothly with foreign owners.

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